Logistics Anti-Channel Conflict System



  • HiTTS [HiMarking Track & Trace System] is an information platform system for management of product production, circulation and sale developed by HiMarking Company especially for manufactures. The system operation begins with the product labeling or tagging on the production line to establish a logic incidence relation for packing units of various levels, uses the acquisition and identification equipment to finish the registration and delivery of distributors on various levels, and finally checks and reviews the logistics information of each product in the market circulation.

System features:

  • A production line supporting manual, semi-automatic, full-automatic and high-speed automatic modes
  • Support all kinds of ink printing and laser printing equipment in the world to finish the tagging
  • Reject the defective products and complete the registration with strict and accurate management
  • Support WiFi\GPRS\3G to realize real-time data acquisition and uploading
  • Make real-time transformation of product data management, searching, filing and statistics.
  • Clear statement statistics function to give you a real-time control of the information about product sales
  • Let the production managers more quickly, correctly and completely to know about the situation of product flooding.
  • Support the product management on logistics, delivery and registration of sub-dealers, under sub-dealers and multiple-level dealers.
  • Provide many ways of inquiry like online, SMS, code photographing, HiMV quick identification, voice recognition, etc.